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Dr. Timothy Bolt

Associate Professor
Faculty of Economics
Saitama University


This is neither my official site nor where you will find materials on Health Economics or my research. Meant as a source for putting up links occassionally...

Links and Recommendations

One of the advantages of regularly using Japan's rail system, apart from the well known efficiency and low cost, is that it provides a chance to listen to podcasts. When on the train commuting or when training in my council gym, I do like to keep up with various podcasts. Below, I have decided to provide links to various lectures, interviews or other audio clips that are of particular interest...

Interesting Recent Podcast Listening

Prof. Jeffrey Sachs three-part series on addressing Morality within Economics
at LSE Public Lecture Series

The following three lectures are an interesting consideration of how ethics fits within the discipline of Economics. ("Economics and the Cultivation of Virtue": audio and video available)
Lecture 1: Economics and the New Moral Sciences
Lecture 2: The Hard Problem of Inter-Group Morality
Lecture 3: Cultivating the Virtues of Globalization


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